Marcel van Megen / External

Marcel van Megen is the external contact person for Textile Temple. Marcel joined Textile Temple in 2012 and oversees the total management of Texile Temple.

Marcel has 40 years experience in the textile industry. He has a great understanding of design, production, buying, marketing and sales.

Prior to joining Textile Temple, Marcel was exclusive agent for Blend of America in The Netherlands. Salesmanager at Henri Fetter Fashion and Borsumy Wehry.

Ernst van Megen / Internal

Ernst van Megen is the internal contact person for Textile Temple. Ernst started Textile Temple in 2011 and oversees the system architecture, development, stability and security.

Prior to founding Textile Temple, Ernst has worked on many small and big web-applications responsible for planning, user-interface, system architecture, development, team building, statistics and business.

Ernst owns Megen Media, a web-application development firm.

Mayuri N. Khodade / Front-end Developer

Mayuri N. Khodade is the front-end developer of Textile Temple. She is responsible for creating static pages in HTML5 & CSS3 that load fast, are table less, cross-browser compatible and look perfectly on all devices.

Mayuri has worked for an Indian based internet companies and has 5 years experience with front-end development.