Textile Temple is a community where textile businesses connect and trade.

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Form long-term relationships with others involved in textiles; be it harvesting resources, manufacturing, or purchasers of textiles. Creating beneficial relationships is within your grasp on our exclusive network at Textile Temple.

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Find what you need from basic materials, to end products ready for retail; Textile Temple contains all the resources your textile business needs to succeed.


Key Benefits of Textile Temple

Your success first

This network will only be successful if you get new business via the network. The first couple of ads in products, services and jobs are on us.



Exclusive for the textile industry, tailored to meet your requirements.



Email and password protected network. Consumers can not see your business.


Your data secured

We will not sell any of your company, product, service, job information to third parties.



Search the network for the companies, products, services and jobs for free. The first couple of ads in products, services and jobs are also free.


All company sizes

For small and large companies, there is no difference here. No entry fee at all.


Fast and simple

Simple to use. Search, find and get out.


The way you know it

Communicate via the ways you're already used to. Email, Skype or phone.


How does textile temple survive and grow

We make money after you've used all free ads you get on first sign up. Every Ad after that will cost € 49,00,- excluding taxes. Your success first.


Textile Temple envisions a global textile business network where individuals and businesses can effortlessly engage in networking and trading activities. By pursuing this vision we aim to develop and maintain an exclusive network that textile traders can rely on to find precisely what they need while contributing to the overall development of the complete textile industry.